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You can do better than the obvious under-the-doormat method—here are 4 brilliant ideas for where to hide a spare key.

It’s always a good idea to stash a spare key somewhere on your property. That way, when you accidentally get locked out of your house, you’ll be relieved that you don’t have to break (and then climb through) a window to get in. But don’t fall for the most obvious spots—like under the doormat or a potted plant—as those are the first places a burglar will think to look. Get creative with one of these easy DIY ideas and you’ll have a smart hiding spot no one will be able to guess.

Try a DIY Twist on the Under-the-Doormat Trick

To upgrade the under-the-doormat hiding spot, use waterproof adhesive to glue a coir doormat onto a rubber frame, leaving one corner of the mat unglued. Let the mat dry completely, then hide the key under the unglued corner, in between the doormat and the frame. Even if someone checks under the mat, they won’t be able to find the key hiding right under their nose.

Give It a Potted-Plant Disguise

Burglars know to check under the potted plant on your stoop for a spare key—so upgrade your hiding spot by stashing the key inside the pot instead. Place the spare key inside a sturdy waterproof container and place it at the bottom of a ceramic or terracotta planter. Then, rather than repot the plant, leave it inside the plastic container you bought it in, and simply rest it on top of the container. If necessary, add a little extra dirt on top to camouflage the edge of the plastic container. This way, when you reach for the spare key, you can simply pull out the inner container without completely destroying your plant.

Stash It Underground

Skip the fake rock that anyone can spot from a mile away, and hide the key under a solar-powered light instead. To DIY your own secret key compartment, place the key inside a screw-top plastic pill bottle. Remove the plastic spike on the end of a solar-powered outdoor light, and glue the lid of the pill bottle to the end of the metal tube, using a strong waterproof adhesive. Let dry completely, then bury the pill bottle underground. Just remember under which light you hid the key, and your secret’s safe.

Hide It in the Bird Feeder

Already have a bird feeder hanging out in your backyard? Remove the top from the feeder, and secure the key to the top using waterproof outdoor electrical tape. Not even the birds will know that the key is hiding nearby.